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Returning Items

Production Enterprise Art workshop "Amber professionals" mainly focused on the wholesale manufacture and sale of products from amber. We conclude long-term agreements with our partners and, therefore, very closely monitor the quality of our products. Quality assurance - the key to successful long-term work! Therefore, upon manufacturing of products we do quality control, show the customer (in person or apply a photo materials) the final finished product, only then carefully packed and shipped by courier or post. We are not responsible for the operation of courier services or mail, as well as safety of the goods during transport.

If you still have questions or complaints about the quality of products, please contact us by phone or email and tell me about their desire manager.


  • jewelry and handmade products made to order, as made individually according to your requirements;
  • semi-finished products;
  • products followed by applying etching;
  • amber, according to UE RF №55 (Approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 19, 1998 №55) "Articles of precious metals, precious stones, precious metals with inserts of semi-precious and synthetic stones, faceted gemstones products pearls and amber jewelry exchange and non-refundable. "

See also Certification of amber products.