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Information for wholesale customers

We are a company manufacturer of bijouterie, amber necklaces and bracelets, jewelry with amber and semi-finished and beads made of natural Baltic amber. For over 10 years we are working on the amber Kaliningrad market. We work directly with the customer without intermediaries and value our reputation as the focus on long-term relationships with our wholesale customers. All work is done in our own workshops on the newest equipment and finalized manually amber master.

How to order:

Semi-finished products (whole, natural beads and molded, pendants, souvenir stones, pebbles, etc.) – produced mainly under the order of 50% advance payment, price list, terms and conditions check with the manager, leaving the application for or via the feedback form.

Important: as samples on the bead will not sell, you can buy one of each type of bracelet. Raw did not sell.

Necklaces and bracelets can be ordered via the website that you need by adding positions in the basket, specifying the quantity and your comments. If you require product is no longer available, there will be a button "Ask for price», it means that the product can be made to order. With the price, terms and conditions of purchase you tell our manager.

Antiques (necklaces, brooches, carvings, souvenirs) - you can find out the cost by means of the button "Get a Quote", which is located next to each product or a request at or via the feedback form.

Paintings and icons – we only sell in bulk, except for the manufacture of custom tselnosypannyh images (logos, portraits, etc.). The entire range is presented on the website (pictures are real and are made in good quality, so you can carefully consider them before ordering). Next, you can order by clicking on "Add to cart" or send us a request on with part numbers.

Gold and silver with amber - wholesale sale of finished products and manufacturing of custom models in the catalog (minimum order of 100 000 rubles). For wholesale price application for leave or via the feedback form.

Important: The weight of the product under the order may vary on a site, it is calculated based on the fact of manufacture. Amber color inserts can vary from cognac to light yellow, green, milk - specify in the order their wishes. All products are made of gold or 585 silver 925 with amber are manufacturer list of names, brand Assay Office and tag.

How to order:

  • ADD product you are interested in a basket with indication of the number;
  • GO to shopping cart (in the upper right corner of the site);
  • ORDER (be sure to fill all fields, if you are a registered user, field filled in automatically);
  • IMPORTANT: If you need to receive your order - specify name, phone number and address of the recipient of the parcel. The address must be sure to index!
  • You can also send us an e-mail, specify the product number, quantity, you are interested in comments and our manager will contact you within one working day, check the availability of stock, calculate the cost.

Payment order:

  • Cash payment at the office;
  • Cashless payments to organizations. When paying by bank transfer adds 6% for cash funds;
  • Transfer to a plastic card Sberbank of Russia (without commission%). If you choose this method of payment, we will send you the card number;
  • International Money Transfer Western Union or gold crown.

Assembly and shipping of the order:

  • Forming the order stock is carried out after full payment for the goods;
  • Production of goods under an order made on 50% prepayment;
  • We do not work with cash on delivery and implementation;
  • Sending finished the order is made within three working days from receipt of 100% payment to the seller, unless otherwise noted as possible;
  • In the confirmation letter sent to your inbox, will be specified track number where you can keep track of,;
  • Delivery by mail EMC Russia. Timeframe for delivery depends on the distance from your region from Kaliningrad (usually 5-7 days). Wholesale send abroad do not send. In some cases, may be proposed by individual delivery methods that require coordination and clarify options for shipping to the store manager.

All matters of urgency, importance, documents, discounts, etc. discussed in the course of personal communication.

All orders are issued only after consultation with the customer total cost, terms, conditions of delivery of the order by means of e-mail or personal presence. By phone orders do not make out.