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8 800 250 80 39 звонок по России бесплатный
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Loose Molded Amber Beads Lemon Transparent

*Beads 10-15; 15-20mm in stock / to order. Sell 0.5 kg.
*Beads 20 to 40mm - only the order of 2 kg.

Artikul: FS11
Stone diameter (mm): 10-15, 15-20, 20-40
Stock status: in stock
Price: Price by request
Product description:

- Amber beads, thanks to a patented technology is almost indistinguishable from the beads cut from one stone.
- High quality is achieved due to the latest equipment, the right temperature, choice of the purified material.
- This technology is allowed to make prefabricated from large pieces of natural amber by molding without melting, without the use of glue, chemical additives and coloring agents.
- Retains all the chemical and physical properties of natural amber: the smell, the concerted fluorescence, density, prefabricated does not respond to broadcasts, etc.
Our prefabricated - the latest word in the molded amber!

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